The WINA Festival (World Independent Advertising Awards) offers a platform to independent advertising agencies on a global scale. It’s the first of its kind, aiming to promote and strengthen a worldwide network of international advertising agencies. A total of 90 industry leaders and name makers in the advertising world stepped up as judges, each assigned in different categories (PR, design, strategy, etc.) Only the best world will be given recognition on a global scale, and win a much sought-after award.

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Out of the hundreds of entries in the category, VIGOR & SAGE (created by BSUR) received WINA award for its eye-catching packaging design. NatureBridge, the brand’s mother company, is China’s largest pet food manufacturer. Vigor & Sage is their first international brand, so receiving an award at an international and global competition is a milestone.

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After testing with different target groups in Europe, research results showed that target customers would not buy a Chinese pet food brand and do not believe in Chinese traditional medicine. It was up to us to find a solution that allowed the brand to stay true to its core, and at the same time convince the world of what they believe in.


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The Full Force of Nature

Pets are part of the family, and just like any family member, you want them to eat well and stay healthy. VIGOR & SAGE is a premium pet food brand that represents the full force of nature, and distinguishes itself in a unique way. What makes Vigor & Sage different from other healthy and organic products on the market, is the way they combine the latest in modern science with Chinese wisdom. BSUR took this unique yin and yang as the foundation to design a distinct pet food brand proposition elevated to human quality standards.

The name For the brand name creation, we wanted to include the promise of more active and healthy pets. That’s when we came up with Vigor & Sage: Vigor meaning physical strength and health, and sage being both a herb (the natural link) as well as a synonym for wisdom.






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When you go to a store and look at the pet food section, all the packaging looks the same. They’re depicting happy animals (which is good!) or nature, but what makes them a better choice than the other 5 brands on the same shelf?

VIGOR & SAGE’s packaging stands out, which is exactly what we intended to do. The packaging was developed with transparency, clarity and consistency in mind, aiming to ease the consumer’s decision and fit both cat and dog products.

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BSUR took ‘standing out from the crowd’ a step further. Unlike any other brand in the pet food industry, we focused on human-grade pet food where the owners think: “That looks so good, I would eat that myself!”. Because if we wouldn’t want to eat it, why would our pets have to? Highlighting the organic ingredients that form the base of the pet food, combined with the extra benefits of the natural ingredients from Chinese traditional medicine, we used high-end food photography showing food you’d normally find at a three star restaurant. Who’s hungry?

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BSUR’s work helped Nature Bridge secure a place to launch VIGOR & SAGE at Interzoo, the world’s largest pet care trade fair in Nuremberg. Keep an eye out for this one; we have a feeling they’ll be a global player in no-time.

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